Jennifer Partee
Partner, Fleur De Lis Brew Works

Here’s to craft beer and health!

Jennifer Partee made a calculated decision with her husband to join the craft beer movement in upstate New York.
In 2009, Jennifer pulled her upstate New York roots and moved to Daytona Beach to pursue her dream nursing job where she provides medical event logistics for a sports entertainment company.
What she didn’t realize was that not only did she uproot her life but also her preferred alcoholic beverage! Florida’s wine region is not conducive to vinting the typical Finger Lakes white wines. As a compromise, she developed a taste for beer that evolved (thankfully!) to craft beer.
Appreciating the Florida craft beer movement and promoting good health through nursing progressed to creating Fleur De Lis Brew Works. The Partee’s upstate New York homestead was a natural fit for a craft brewery focusing on locally sourced ingredients as a farm brewery. Joining with her brother and sister in laws, their brewery is a family partnership.
Jennifer will oversee the day to day operations, plan and execute marketing ideas. In addition she creates social media content. Her written communication skills honed through 20 years of writing medical documentation marries well with the social media messaging required in today’s business market.
Because life isn’t about craft beer alone, Jennifer continues her day job as a registered nurse. She also enjoys baking and gardening during the rest of her free time.
Check out Fleur De Lis Brew Works’ social sites; be bubbly and drop Jennifer a note!