Craig Partee
Partner, Fleur De Lis Brew Works

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.

Craig Partee learned the value of quality workmanship at a young age. This was initiated growing up on the family farm where he learned from his parents to be a good steward of the land, raising crops & beef cattle. He found out quickly that cutting cor ners is not the path to success. Craig started working away from the farm at a young age where his mentor reinforced lessons that smart land management leads to high quality results. He also learned mantras of “do it right the first time” and “stay until the work is done.” These lessons instilled at a young age demonstrate the pride Craig has in his work today.
Craig took advantage of his keen eye for high quality to become a successful business owner. Since 1990, he has grown Fleur De Lis Construction to a well respected construction company. Utilizing those talents & skills he developed & improved FDLBW’s brewing facilities, craft beer parlour and beer garden.
Craig brings a strong work ethic to every project including the brewery. His primary focus will be outside distribution, assistant to the brewer, Jon Paul, & property maintenance. You can be certain that the quality workmanship in building carries over to quality craft beer. Craig believes that the customer should never be final quality control, instead there are check points at each step of the brewing process from mash to pint.
Life with Craig isn’t all about work. He commits that FDLBW customers should have a pleasurable, memorable experience in the beer garden or at the brew parlour. The craft beer drinker’s enjoyment of his labor is just another measure of success.
Craig’s favorite craft beers are dark, aged & high gravity. FDLBW’s customers can be certain Jon Paul will rotate Craig’s favorite through the brew & distribution schedule. He may even enjoy a sip or two while keeping the lawn mowed & hops trellised.
Stop by for a pint, visit with Craig and give him a well-deserved break!