Our Story

Fleur De Lis Brew Works would like to welcome you to our farm brewery. For us, that’s just not a marketing campaign. We bring a strong heritage of farming, service and business acumen to the craft brewing industry. Here is our story…

Our name, Fleur De Lis Brew Works, is part of the Partee legacy. The fleur de lis symbol depicts a stylized lily or lotus blossom. This French symbol is part of our family’s coat of arms and is featured in our logo and throughout the property. Brew Works conjures images of a historic waterworks plant. The stainless steel brewing equipment is on full display with exposed plumbing and piping. The combination of stainless equipment, copper bar & galvanized aluminum accents compliment the brick, historic barn boards and Edison lighting in the beer parlour. In tribute to our heritage, we have chosen to name our brewery Fleur De Lis Brew Works.

The other additions to our logo are hops & barley between the fleur de lis; both key ingredients to craft beer. The logo has an organic feel; this leans towards the Partee’s farming legacy. We take pride in being good stewards of the land and our resources. Our beer garden has been in the Partee farming family for three generations. We intend to create high quality beer with New York ingredients including hops grown on our property. Our beer is brewed with naturally filtered limestone well water giving it a distinct quality not found in commercial breweries. Other locally sourced ingredients will be vegetables & fruits, honey from a closely guarded apiary, maple & walnuts sourced from the property.

The French theme is carried over to our flagship beers, biere de garde & biere de mars. These two French style beers are not commonly brewed in the US but are well known in the northern part of France.

We have a strong farming family history. The brewery is a third generation Partee family farm both with crops & animals. The newest iteration of the farm has winter wheat, timothy hay & of course hops. Both Craig & Jon Paul grew up just around the corner from the business on their parent’s historic Seneca Falls beef cattle farm. Jennifer, Craig’s wife, was raised on a fifth generation farm outside the city of Rochester. Beth, Jon Paul’s wife, developed a fondness for country living after relocating to their own farmette in Seneca Falls.

Our farm is open to you with many features scattered throughout our property; take a walk around & discover your favorite place to enjoy a pint or flight. We have a creek bed out front with water levels fluctuating based on rainfall & a well feature. There is a fountain to enjoy the calming sound of flowing water mixed in with song birds. The rose garden with its flagstone patio has locally sourced limestone seating and is adjacent to the hop yard. On inclement weather days, our indoor beer parlour harkens to the water works era mentioned above.

We at Fleur De Lis Brew Works have enjoyed the country life & want you to do the same while here. We believe our abundance should be relished. That’s why we will be sharing our success with others from time to time. Whether that is a benefit night or giveaways, we hope you will support our chosen cause. In addition, Jennifer’s history in health care emphasizes a healthy life. That theme of well-being is incorporated with using the best possible ingredients for our craft beer and healthful activities such as a pickup game of football in the South lawn or evening yoga.

Jon Paul’s love of home brewing for 10 years is the foundation for Fleur De Lis Brew Works’ great craft beer. Beth’s history pouring wine parallels her work in the beer parlour. Craig’s drive, strong relationships & vision will promote the success of Fleur De Lis Brew Works. His knowledge & business acumen are shared with Jennifer’s thirst for information & strong foundation of customer service. The four Partees create synergy for a successful business.

We hope you will visit us to enjoy the fruits of our labor–great craft beer, a unique atmosphere, spectacular grounds & good company. Sante!

Our Team

Jen Partee

Jen Partee


Jon Paul Partee

Jon Paul Partee

Partner & Brewer